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5 Tips To Save Money When Visiting London

5 Tips To Save Money When Visiting London
Jan 10

Are you feeling lucky to visit one of the most iconic destinations in the world – London? Well, you definitely should!

London is a vibrant, beautiful city that holds everything a tourist looks for. It has several facets that satisfy any type of tourist looking to have a good time. There are a lot of things to do in London right from the most popular tourist locations to the local activities that show the deep cultural heritage that the Londoners are proud of.

However, the one thing that every tourist to London is worried about is its costs. Let’s face the truth. London is an expensive city to tour and you need to save sufficient money to spend at least a week to take in the city’s feel. But, the expensive costs shouldn’t be the reason that stops you from exploring the beauty that it offers.

There are several affordable ways by which you can save money during your trip to London. You can enjoy the city as much as you want without any comprises and still spend less. Here are some of the smart tips to save your money during your visit to London.

5 Smart Tips to Save Money in London as a Tourist

The best part about these tips is that the more you incorporate them during the visit, the more money you can save. So try to include a combination of these ideas and see for yourself its influence in saving your money.

1. Buy an Oyster Card
Travelling in London is one area where you need to spend a lot of money. As it is a big city, you will have many things to do in London spread out in different areas. Having an Oyster Card will help you travel to wherever you want in London comfortably in the trains in a short time.

You can save up to 50% of the total travel expenditure in London by getting an Oyster Card! All you need to spend is £3 to get yourself an Oyster Card and top it up with credit whenever you want to use it.

The best part is, you can get this Oyster Card wherever you live and therefore, you can get your hands on the card even before you reach London. You can start using these cards from the minute you get down at the airport and save a lot of money on transportation.

2. Get a London Pass
Like Oyster Cards used for travels, the London Pass is entry to the famous attractions. If you are looking to visit the popular tourist spots in London, then this London Pass will help you a lot.

It provides free or discounted entry to around 60 top London spots that are most popular with the tourists. In some of these tourist places, you even get fast track entry when you have the London Pass. Some of the places that are applicable for the London Pass are:

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • The View from The Shard
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Kew Gardens
  • Windsor Castle
  • Kensington Palace

You can get this London Pass online and choose the number of days for which you require this pass. It is a straightforward and easy process to get affordable entries to London’s best spots and save money with it.

3. Stay in Backpacker Hostels
If you are travelling with a group of friends or solo, then staying at a backpacker hostel will save you so much money on the accommodation. There are several backpacker hostels present all around the city and you can just choose one that is closer to the central city and stay there.

Especially when you are travelling solo, backpacker hostels are a great way to meet new people, mingle with some groups and get travel companions to some locations. Again, this could mean spending less than you intended when you travel with a group of people.

There are several online websites through which you can choose the backpacker hostels, find its nearness to the city, its quality of stay and amenities and book it before you arrive in London.

As an alternative, you can also couch surf at houses, which will cost you much lesser than the backpacker hostels. In some homes, they even provide you with free meals and lots of tips about the things to do in London.

4. Make Use of Meal Deals and Vouchers
Apart from transportation and accommodation, the next thing that requires considerable spending is food. Several food joints in London offer meal deals that cut down the cost by 50%. Some pizza joints and fast food places offer 2 for 1 deals with which you can eat tasty food at cheap rates.

Also, look for meal vouchers from online websites, which will give you an updated list of all restaurants that has meal vouchers and discounts going on. You can also hit some of the local food streets and markets at Brixton and Dalston to get some cheap groceries, fruits and vegetables to quickly make yourself a meal on the go.

5. Hire Minicabs for Group Commutes
While many think that travelling by train is the cheapest and easiest option, it doesn’t hold when you are travelling in a group. When compared to the total cost of the tickets and the additional commute you require to reach the specific place once you get off the train, minicabs are great alternate options for cheap transportation.

If you are travelling in a group of two or more people, you can book the minicabs days ahead at cheap rates for your travel. Several minicab companies in London offer point-to-point pickup and drop services. You can also hire a minicab for the entire day.

At A1 Cars, we offer fast and reliable minicab services at affordable rates. You can save money on transportation and still travel with comfort to any point in the city with A1 Car hire. If you want to book us for your trip to London, contact us now before our slots run out!

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