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London Travel: Nine Things to do in London

London Travel: Nine Things to do in London
Nov 22

London is ranked among the most visited places in the world, as it has several attractions, such as its museums, grand palaces, beautifully manicured gardens, and churches.
These architectures speak about the rich London heritage culture.
Millions of tourists travel to London annually, instantly falling in love with both the modern and vibrant traditional cultural attractions.

Top 9 Things To do in London

Almost all the top attractions here can be visited free of charge or at reduced rates of entry.
These are places of interest for all age groups, be it teenagers, small kids, or adults.
Weeks or months are not enough to cover all that this great city has to offer.
There are many London airports along with plenty of airport transfer options available for you.

Before London travel, make a packing list and ensure to add a list of these top 9 nine places to visit.

1. Coca Cola London Eye:
The world’s biggest observation wheel is the London Eye, which has glass capsules. Through them, you can experience a spectacular view of London.
You can see the bird’s eye view of the various attractions.
The circular tour takes you at a height of more than 400 feet, and there are around 30 glass capsules on it.
The London Eye is regarded as a great marvel of engineering, and it rotates above the river Thames.
The all-round panoramic views it offers will make your London visit a memorable one.
The circular tour takes around half an hour to complete while providing you with a great view of the city from different angles.

2.  Madame Tussauds:
This museum with more than 300 wax figures of famous personalities from all over the world is a must-visit for you.
Here you will be amazed at the mix of statues ranging from historical figures, great musicians, actors, sportspersons, and political figures.
The eminent personalities from across the world have their wax statue in this museum.
Don’t forget to click selfies with Dwayne Johnson or Lady Gaga, which will be Instagram-worthy.
Here, you shall also learn in detail about the hard work that goes into the making of each wax statue.

3. Westminster Abbey:
Be sure to pay a visit to Westminster Abbey and be a part of Britain’s history.
You will be dazzled by the stunning detailed architecture of this magnificent landmark.
Take a tour of the places which have witnessed historical events like royal weddings and funerals.
You will know about imperial Britain’s kings, queens, poets, or soldiers by exploring the insides of this iconic structure.
To make your tour informative and delightful, you can avail of free audio guides presented in 11 languages.

4. Buckingham Palace:
You will enjoy visiting this historic landmark, which is famous for the Changing of the Guard event. Beginning in the morning hours, this precise and spectacular ceremony with its synchronized marching accompanied by music is worth seeing multiple times.
The palace was constructed in 1837, and the Royal Family of Britain has stayed here since the reign of Queen Victoria. If you are lucky, you might be able to spot members of the Royal Family.
If the Queen is away, you can tour the insides of the palace and see the Staterooms or Queen’s gallery.

5. Kew Gardens:
This visit will be an excellent rejuvenating experience as you will spend time strolling along with spotting some varieties of beautiful plants here.
This garden is also the venue for many events related to music or culture.
You will have an exciting time here exploring the glasshouses like the Prince of Wales conservatory, where you will get a feel of ten climatic zones of the world.
It is a world heritage site, and the peace and serenity of the place will help to relax and soothe your body and mind. You will also love the Treetop Walkway offering a great view of the gardens.

6.  Sea Life London:
Take your kids to this aquarium and explore more than 300 varieties of marine life.
You can also take a tour of the Great Oceanic Conveyor and relish an interactive experience.
There is a superb glass tunnel walkway which enables you to walk beneath a tropical ocean and indulge in fun activities like feeding the fishes.
You can witness a great variety of marine life here, such as Clownfish, Zebra sharks, or Octopuses.

7. Tower of London:
This is an iconic world heritage site and is the best place to explore the history of Britain with many landmark events having taken place here.
William, the conqueror, built it as early as 1078. It has a vast collection of armour and weapons.
It is also notable for the Crown Jewels exhibition and other displays that tell us about the executions that took place in its history.

8. National Gallery:
This museum, which is one of the top-most museums in the world, must be visited, especially if you are an art lover.
The museum has a fantastic range of European art collections starting from as early as 1260, and the selection of Dutch Masters and Italian Schools is a must-see.
Other notable artworks include Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonna and Child, and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

9. Churchill’s War Rooms:
This is a significant historic place providing a glimpse into Prime Minister Churchill’s life during World War II.
This is from where he defended his country by devising military operations against the Nazis.
It shows the poor and challenging conditions under which he lived, an example being the cubicle where he slept.
You can also see the radio studio from where he made his wartime speeches.

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A trip to the above places will be a memorable travel experience that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

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