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7 ways to clean your car to reduce the risk of coronavirus

7 ways to clean your car to reduce the risk of coronavirus
May 20

With the on-going pandemic Covid-19, we can no longer take hygiene for granted and need to take extra care about everything. The coronavirus can stay on different surfaces for long hours, and so, frequently cleaning and disinfecting is the only surefire way to prevent the spread of infection.

In the case of our vehicles too, it is vital to take safety measures like regularly sanitizing to reduce the chances of ourselves and others getting infected. There are several high-touch areas in our cars like door handles, steering wheels, gearstick, etc. that need to be disinfected frequently. It is essential to have thorough knowledge about how to clean a car to reduce the risk of Covid-19.

This is going to affect the automobile industry.  However, at a personal level, how are you going to maintain the sanitization of the car? Car is a metal body and the virus can stay up to 3-4 days as per WHO. Hence, sanitizing your hands before entering your vehicle otherwise your car could become a potential carrier in case you have come in touch with a covid-19 carrier person.

Tips for sanitizing your car

The following tips on how to clean car to reduce risk of Coronavirus will be very helpful:

  1. Wear masks and gloves for protection: The first basic step before you start cleaning is to protect yourself adequately to reduce direct contact with the virus and dust particles. You need to wear face masks and rubber gloves of good quality. Before putting on your glove, it would be ideal to dab on a hand-sanitizer for additional protection. See to it that your body is sufficiently covered to lessen any direct exposure to invisible pathogens.
  2. Remove dust from the interiors: The next step is to get rid of dust from all the surfaces like seats and floor mats. A vacuum cleaner with a sucking action would be effective for this purpose. Throw away all the dust collected in the dust bin or a bin bag. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, manually take out the mats from your car and remove the dust. Be sure to clean the dust on the seats as well.
  3. Wash the mats and other removable items: Take out all removable items like floor mats or seat covers out of the car. Make a solution of water and detergent and soak the removed items in it. Let them remain in the solution for some time. Then wash them thoroughly, and keep them out to dry.
  4. Use a sponge or scrub to wash non-removable items: For cleaning those items and fabric that cannot be removed, prepare another solution. Squeeze the scrub or sponge so that any excess liquid is drained. Clean the insides of your car, such as the armrests, seats, etc. and also ensure that you clean the roof. Reach deep inside every corner and clean them thoroughly.
  5. Disinfect adequately: The next step after washing is to disinfect the entire insides of your car thoroughly using an excellent alcohol-based disinfectant. Use a sponge, apply a little amount of the disinfectant, and wipe all surfaces like seatbelts, dashboard, door panels, etc. It is also essential to clean the boot of your car since your luggage may be contaminated. First, use a sponge dipped in a soap solution, and clean the insides. Then add disinfectant to a sponge and wipe all the surfaces. Ensure that you have disinfected all the frequently-touched surfaces like steering wheel, rear-window mirror, gearstick, etc.
  6. Clean and disinfect the exteriors: Once the interiors are complete, prepare another cleaning solution for the exteriors. It would be a good idea to let the soap stay on the surfaces for a few minutes. Now wash all the high-touch areas thoroughly like door handles, the boot, etc. using a sponge or cloth. Then use a dry cloth to soak the excess water.
  7. Wash all clothes and sponges: After you have cleaned up your car, it would be unwise to leave the wash clothes, gloves, etc. outside as they could contaminate other surfaces. So, it is time to give a wash to the clothes and sponges you used. Also, dispose of your gloves and mask and then, take a proper bath yourself.During this pandemic, there is every possibility of your car getting infested with pathogens, including the coronavirus. Sanitizing in this way will ensure you and your family can use your car safely without fear of getting infected. Along with keeping yourself sanitized, it is essential that you keep your vehicle and daily use items sanitized and clean.A1 cars keep its fleets of vehicles full sanitized to ensure the safety of our passengers.Additional Resources:

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