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Why Choose Minicabs Service Instead of Standard Taxis?

Why Choose Minicabs Service Instead of Standard Taxis?
Dec 19

Long gone are those times when standard taxis were the most preferred form of transportation when people consider easy and comfortable travel. Nowadays, minicabs are fast becoming the in-demand and popular way of moving around the city.

This is especially true in a highly populated city like London, where a lot of people are moving to London for work and prefer to travel effortlessly in minicabs. There are several reasons why people prefer minicabs over the standard taxis and why you should too!

Let’s jump right in to see why minicab services are the best mode of transportation.

1. Pocket-Friendly Rates
Let’s face it. Many people opt for a public mode of transport, primarily due to its cheap rates when compared to taxis. However, with the affordable prices offered by minicabs, now anyone can travel from point to point without the hassles of changing multiple modes of transportation.

In London, the minicabs charge a very minimal per mileage rate, which is easily affordable by the common man. Sometimes, when you factor in the total cost you spend on public transport as well as the stress and the running around to catch multiple trains, minicabs will look like heaven and the best part is you wouldn’t be spending exorbitant rates on it too!

With A1 minicabs, you can even know an estimate of how much you need to pay before even you board the cab. By requesting a quote online for your travel in London, you can know how much it will cost you before booking the cab. All you need to do is to fill in your pickup and drop-off address on your booking page. You will immediately be shown an estimate of the cost of hiring a minicab!

2. Highly Trained and Certified Drivers at Your Service
Is there any heavy traffic on the main road and the time for your meeting is inching closer? Well, the minicab drivers are highly knowledgeable in all the inner streets and can take the short routes to escape the heavy traffic of the city. At A1 Cars London, we have excellent drivers who are good at manoeuvring the inner city routes and can, therefore, save you a lot of commute time and get to your office in the shortest time possible.
If you are someone who works on the go, then minicabs are great. You can take your laptop and start working without wasting the commute time too.

3. Quick and Hassle-Free Online Booking
You can book the minicabs online at any time you want directly from the website. The minicab will arrive before the time you booked at your doorstep. You can book our A1 minicabs directly from our website or call us at 020 8874 4000 to book on call. Just fill in the information about the time and location of the pickup and you will have the minicab waiting for you.

Our A1 minicab drivers are known for their punctuality and therefore, will be at the pickup point at the exact time you mentioned. You can throw away your worries about getting the cab right on time when you book our A1 minicabs.

4. 24/7 Availability
The best part about booking A1 minicabs? You can book for any time of any day! As we work on all holidays and weekends, you don’t have to worry about any downtimes. Even during the peak holiday times like Christmas and New Year, you can always rely on us to send you one of our best A1 minicabs for your easy transportation.

5. Easy Payments Made Possible
With minicabs, you have the option of choosing any mode of payment. Even when you don’t have cash, you can pay through different ways like a credit card, debit card, UPI and so on.

6. Book Any Specific Cab According to Your Needs
As we have a fleet of cabs in the varieties of Saloon, Estate, 7 Seater, 8 Seater, Executive, Luxury and MPV Executive, you can have your pick of the cab you need!

If you are travelling in a group, then you may need to book a cab that can accommodate everyone. During such times, a 7 Seater or an 8 Seater cab is the best choice. If you are booking the cab for some higher official, then you can go for the range of cars in Luxury, Executive and MPV Executive models.

At A1 Cars London, you have complete control over the type of cab you get!

With our polite drivers, affordable rates and ease of travel, A1 minicabs are just what you need to make your travel in London as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Due to your great customer service, A1 minicabs are in demand all the time. So quickly book us for your next commute in London and see for yourself the difference it makes.

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