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Services For Bike Hire in London For Part-Time Pedallers

Services For Bike Hire in London For Part-Time Pedallers
Jul 11

Searching for bike hire in London to explore the city or just to roam around can be done quickly. The bike hire scheme will let you choose your own bike automatically.

London has numerous bike hire services, which you can avail of by using a mobile app, debit card, or apple pay.

Services for bike hire in London

Here is a list of famous bike hire services in London which you can select if you are a part-time pedaller in London.

1. Lime Bikes

The unique electric bike hire company in London works on the mission to make an affordable, carbon free and shared transportation system in the future. You can rent these bikes with the help of the Uber app. Just open the app and follow the instructions to get a bike. You can also reserve a bike located near you, or you can walk up to the bike station to get one.

After registration on Uber, you can scan a QR code, your bike will be unlocked, and you are free to go.

2. Santander Bikes

It is the original bike hiring service operated by the ‘Transport for London’ they own more than 12,000 bikes which are available to pick up from 800 docking stations across the central London. The zone for bike hiring stretches from Hammersmith in the west to the Chalk farm in the North and the Olympic Park in East to the Brixton in the South.

To hire the bike, you just need your credit or debit card. Inset it into the bike terminal, and it will charge you £2 for providing unlimited bike rides for a day.



They are leaders in the travel sustainability movement as they are fully climate neutral. TIER is a leading micro mobility supplier and offers services like e-mopeds, e-scooters, and e-bikes. The main focus of the company is to reduce carbon emissions.

To access their services, you can download the app, and after signing up, you can locate the e-bike nearest to you. To get the bike unlocked, you need to scan the QR code, and after that, the cable will be opened to get the bike.

After use, just park the bike in a parking, or you can simply leave it on the payment. Make sure to click on end ride after the use.

“I had a great experience with tier bike service. From applying online for the bike until they deliver it with care to my desired location. Also they are the cheapest electric bike rent, so it is good choice for those who wanna save money wasted in petrol. Thier bikes are also convenient for delivery rider.”  Mr. Steve Singh, founder of 1StopSigns, one of the best correx board printing companies in London was quoted sharing his experience with the tier bike service.

4. Swapfiets

Swapfiets offer bike subscriptions that can be enjoyed for more than an hour or two. Here you can get a package deal made specially to give you a peace of mind. Here you will get the e-bike or bike with all maintenance and repairs; if it is not fixed, Swapfiets will fix it in just 48 hours only.

You can also get a membership for using bikes. Here you need to choose from two options, i.e., Flexible or Regular. The flexible option requires you to pay joining fees, but you can cancel it anytime. Regular membership does not have any joining fee, but you have to avail of a minimum membership of 6 months.

5. HumanForest

These bikes are all about sustainability, aiming to become a ‘Human Forest.’ Like how trees remove CO2 from the environment, so too do humans if they use e-bikes by releasing zero greenhouse gases.

You will also get 20 minutes of free ride every day; after that, you need to pay 17p for every minute. HumanForest offers electric bikes loaded with batteries that can be charged with renewable energy.

Just download the app to start your journey vis HumanForest. You can easily ride anywhere in the city, but after using the bike, you have to park the bike in ‘green bay’ only.

6. Dott

Dott is the best bike service in London that aims to provide clean rides to everyone in the city. They offer e-scooters and e-bikes intending to fight against increasing pollution and global warming.

The company has already achieved ‘carbon neutrality in 2019 and has a strong team who regularly maintains the bike. These bikes come with extra safety gears and have also got a spacious basket, adjustable seats, phone holder, and much more. To use these bikes, you need to pay only 17p per minute.


Wrap Up

So, these are the bike hire services you can easily avail yourself of in London. All these bike services are pocket friendly and can be availed from anywhere in London. A1carslondon has been prepared the list of best bike hire services in London . There are various docking stations in different locations in London to enjoy the ride.