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London named as the best city in the world for 2023 for the 7th time

London named as the best city in the world for 2023 for the 7th time
Jan 19

In 2023, London has been named the best city in the entire world. Resonance, a real estate and tourist firm, created the rankings. Six main criteria were examined by the consultancy: place, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion. 

Place: This comprises the climate (the average number of sunny days), public safety (homicide rate), views and landmarks (particularly, how many of them were suggested by residents and visitors), and outdoor activities (or the number of parks and outdoor activities recommended by locals and visitors).

People: The People category takes into account citizens’ participation in the labor force and educational attainment (the proportion of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher).

Programming: This is what most travel guides would refer to as “things to do” and covers activities in the fields of nightlife, dining, performing arts, and shopping that has been highly recommended by both residents and tourists.

Product: The infrastructure and institutions of each city are included in this category. Attractions and museums, as well as other factors like airport connectivity (or the number of direct destinations served by the city’s airports), university ranking (specifically the ranking of the top local school), and the size of the area’s convention center, are taken into account in this section.

Prosperity: The number of Global 500 company headquarters in each city, the GDP per person, the income equality index, and the unemployment rate are all included in this category. Resonance believes that higher “prosperity” attracts more people to dwell in these areas, which ultimately generates further economic growth and development, even though most tourists wouldn’t typically take these factors into account when picking a destination. Better restaurants, cultural institutions, and airports will result from this.

Promotion: This ranking considered each city’s web popularity in addition to user-generated information from residents and visitors to sift through dining and retail suggestions. The number of Facebook check-ins, Google searches, TripAdvisor reviews, and Instagram hashtags shared online about each city, as well as each city’s popularity in Google Trends over the previous 12 months, are the specific factors that go into the Promotion category. It measures how a city’s story is shared through online channels.

Compared to other rankings that are more focused on holidays, they are more focused on financial and business criteria, such as the number of significant tech enterprises in a particular city. This is the seventh time that the city has gained this honor.

So what sets London apart from the other cities in the world? How is London different? Listed below are some of the reasons why the city has received this honor for the seventh time.

A heaven for food lovers

In the Programming category, which measures visitor and local experiences in the subcategories of Shopping, Culinary, Nightlife, and Culture, London comes in the first place.

Since 2010, the city has added eight new Michelin-starred restaurants, including Akari, a nine-seat Japanese restaurant in Mayfair that costs £300 per person. There are now eight starred South Asian restaurants in the city, which is among the highest number on the planet. Other star recipients include producers of Indian cuisine (Jamavar, also in Mayfair, and Vineet Bhatia in Chelsea).

London exhibits perhaps its most defining appeal—its diversity and openness to humanity—in the unexpected rise of global cuisine.

Tourists are the biggest ambassadors

With Instagram pictures, Facebook check-ins, and positive online reviews, the tourists showed their appreciation for the city’s hospitality and helped it rise to the top of the Promotions category. This serves as motivation for new visitors and locals who want to experience the best city in the world for themselves. This positive feedback has been doing wonders for the city.

No typecasting is done in London

Any typecasting attempts are rejected in London. It is true that Londoners support Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, or, if one looks closely enough, Crystal Palace. After work, they surely love a pint. They also talk on and on about each other while speaking with marvelously distinct accents that vary dramatically by neighborhood. They probably began as Tamil, Somali, or Polish. It is a melting pot of culture.


A visit to London is often on the to-do list for many people. Given the honor that the city has been bestowed with for the seventh time, it is indeed a must-visit city for both new and old travelers.