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Lights Up! The Best Of London Theatre In 2023 

Lights Up! The Best Of London Theatre In 2023 
Feb 14

London is famous for various things, the most prominent among them being its mesmerizing landscape and its awe-inspiring theatre presentations. Considered to be the best city to enjoy theatre across the globe, the city houses more than 250 theatres that offer productions ranging from classics to musicals and famous international works. With so many options to choose from, you might feel somewhat confused about what to watch and what you can miss. So, here is a list of the best shows coming to London in 2023 that no theatre lover should miss.  

A Little Life 

The theatrical adaptation of Hanya Yanagihara’s epic misery novel of the same name, A Little Life is all set to make its English language debut at the Harold Pinter Theatre in Leicester Square on 25th March 2023. The production is directed by famous Belgian director Ivo van Hove, who has also directed the Dutch version, which has been around for some years now. The story follows four male friends played by James Norton, Luke Thompson, Omari Douglas, and Zach Wyatt and the terrible upheavals in their lives. Despite having a longer-than-usual run-time, the audience is sure to be left mesmerized by this gripping tale of childhood friends.  

Shirley Valentine  

Starring Sheridan Smith, Shirley Valentine is a classic single-character monologue play the like of which London audience has not seen for a while. The play is directed by Willy Russell and narrates the story of a middle-aged working-class housewife from Liverpool. Sheridan perfectly plays the character of Shirley, who despite her life of drudgery dares to have big dreams. Watch Sheridan delivering a power-packed performance as a surprised and happy Shirley when her deepest desire of escaping her boring and monotonous life and marriage comes true after she wins a holiday to a foreign destination. The play will be on at Duke of York’s Theatre in Covent Garden from 17th Feb 2023. 

The Lehman Trilogy 

Inspired by the lives of the original Lehman brothers, the Lehman Trilogy is an epic yet fairly modest three-actor play. The story follows the journey of three brothers who arrive as Jewish immigrants in America, rose to the position of undisputed leaders in banking and industry, and the subsequent collapse of their dynasty. The play is directed by Academy Award winner Sam Mendes and stars Michael Balogun, Hadley Fraser, and Nigel Lindsay in the lead roles. It is one of those plays where a small number of actors play multiple characters and has been on the roll at Gillian Lynne Theatre in Covent Garden since January 24, 2023.  


This one-act rom-com will render the audience speechless while giving them something to think about and introspect. The play is set in a dystopian future where people do not have the freedom of speech and are forced to abide by a daily quota of words allotted to them. The story revolves around Oliver and Bernadette, a couple in love struggling to find the right words to express their feeling for each other without overrunning their word quota. The play is directed by Josie Rourke and stars Aidan Turner and Jenna Coleman. Enjoy this black comedy at Harold Pinter Theatre, Panton Street till 18th March 2023 while gaining a new perspective on free speech as you fall in love with the production.  


Director Daniel Fish revived the 75-year-old musical which was originally credited to Rodgers and Hammerstein. The story follows the lives of the residents of an American frontier town located in the former Indian territory and on the verge of being granted statehood. Even though Daniel has not made any significant changes to the plot or music, he has done away with the cheery fug of good-time vibes and highlighted the underlying story with considerable psychological acuity. You are sure to love this take of bored and horny characters from Oklahoma where very little happens other than the residents lusting for one another. Enjoy the much bolder take of this classical presentation at Wyndham’s Theatre on Charing Cross Road from 16th February to 2nd September 2023.  

Wrapping Up  

London theatre is a great way to enjoy a memorable night out in the city and enjoy the rendition of some of the best stories in a relaxing setting. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to witness the finest actors and enjoy their power-packed performances of memorable characters.