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Best places to watch Tokyo Olympics in London

Best places to watch Tokyo Olympics in London
Aug 03

Tokyo Olympics 2020 may be held a little late, but they are finally here. The United Kingdom is set to compete with 205 other countries. As the event of the year, the Tokyo Olympics deserves no less than a live telecast. While there are various television channels that will broadcast the events live, it won’t be like sitting in the stadium.

At first, the Tokyo Olympics is a closed-door event and therefore only the athletes and their respective teams can watch the events live. However, this provides an opportunity for people all over the world. If you’re living in the UK, you can catch the Tokyo Olympics in London live while sitting outdoors. After careful research, we’ve brought you the top six outdoor locations in London to catch the Tokyo Olympics. These locations will be broadcasting live TV coverage of the events throughout the Olympics.

Top 6 Places to Watch Olympics


  • Paddington Central


paddington central

The amphitheatre big-screen at Paddington Central is a popular destination for watching sports. This year, Paddington Central will be broadcasting all the events of the Tokyo Olympics in London live! Sit in the amphitheatre, soak up the sun, work on your tan and enjoy watching the events live. At Paddington Central, you can maintain social distancing with the other attendees without compromising on your space. Smith’s Bar & Grill will be firing up their famous BBQ, which you won’t want to miss!

Location: 2 Kingdom Street, London, W2 6AE

Get more information on their website!



  • Eccleston Yards

  • eccleston yards

Eccleston Yards is the ideal location to watch the Tokyo Olympics in London this year. Their excellent arrangement of deck chairs ensures you get a clear view of the big screen. Eccleston Yards will be broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics as well as The Hundred Cricket Tournament from 23rd July to 21st August. The Moet & Chandon pop-up bar will be serving champagne and cocktails. If you wish to pop out for lunch, you can opt for the terraces of Monera and Jones Family Kitchen from where you can still enjoy a spectacular view of the big screen. The open arrangement of deckchairs ensures you can be perfectly safe as you watch the event.

Location: Eccleston Pl, London, SW1W 9AZ

Find more information on their website.



  • Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf has held a unique interest since its opening. Their big screens and open grounds are an ideal location to catch the Tokyo Olympics if you wish to relax, enjoy and settle down. The various bars and restaurants closely located will serve you your favourite drink. Canary Wharf broadcasts not only sporting events but you can also catch movies, documentaries and children’s programs.

With the Tokyo Olympics, they will be pulling all the stops so don’t forget to catch this event in Canary Wharf if you’re close by. Bring a blanket and a small picnic basket with you to enjoy the outdoors and the Olympic events at the same time. The open grounds will ensure you can maintain social distancing.

Location: Canada Square Park and Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14

Find the detailed schedule here!



  • London Bridge City


london bridge city

London Bridge City’s summer festival will also be showing all the major events of the Olympics this year. The free to attend the event is a first-come-first-serve location, therefore we recommend going in advance to get the best seat in the house. You can pop into the food, shopping and entertainment shops located close by while you wait for the next event to start. Riverside Terrace Bar and Jimmy Garcia’s pop-up will keep you well-fed and watered during the action-packed events.

Location: London Bridge City, London, SE1 2DB

Find the upcoming event schedule here!



  • Solar Perego


solar pergola

This new terrace at Television Centre is quickly becoming the go-to spot for many Londoners. You can catch the Tokyo Olympics in London for free at the Solar Pergo. Their excellent undercover seating facilities and heaters ensure you can be comfortable while watching the events. There will also be a pop-up bar and BBQ held by Open House from Thursday to Sunday, serving you fresh and delicious burgers. The beautiful lighting of the terrace creates a welcoming ambience for the viewers to enjoy.

Location: 101 Wood Lane, London, W12 7FW

You can find more information here!



  • The Yards


the yard

The St. Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Gardens is the location to be if you want to immerse yourself completely in the events. These events will require a deck chair that you need to bring yourself. Bill’s and Dalla Terra Wine Bar are within walking distance from the Yards and serve a variety of food and wine options for you to enjoy the day. And on your way out, grab a delicious pastry from Arome Bakery.

Location: St. Martin’s Courtyard, Slingsby Pl, London, WC2H 9EF

Find more information here.

These are the top six destinations to catch the Tokyo Olympics live in London. Each location is ideally located with several bars and restaurant options close by so you may not need to pack lunch.

These destinations are ideal for families with young children. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and your children will enjoy the Tokyo Olympics just as much as you do!

These locations charge minimal to no entrance fees and the only expenses you’ll incur are those you spend on food and beverages. So choose the destination closest to you and call your friends and family to watch the Olympics together.