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7 Effective tips to ease moving house in London

7 Effective tips to ease moving house in London
Oct 16

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come. Congrats on your new home 🙂

Whatever the reason for making the shift, be it your wish to shift to a better house in a new location or the quest for better job opportunities, moving brings a lot of challenges and positive experiences your way.

Moving house also provides you with an opportunity to redecorate and realign your perfect living space.

Though relocation is an exciting experience, shifting to your new house could be stressful.

man in stress while moving house

When it comes to moving house in London, we understand that you might balk at the amount of time it might take, cost of packing supplies like padded cardboard boxes, heavy-duty plastic wraps, bubble wraps, sticky tapes etc and the cost of transporting them to your new destination.

Always remember that everything can be managed if you start preparing for the move a few weeks in advance.

This will avoid last-minute confusions and hassles. House shifting can be smooth and effortless if you plan well and follow a few tips & tricks.

You can request the help of your friends and family, order pizzas and turn it into a fun get together before the move!

Another great option is to hire the services of a London moving company, who will possess all the right skills and expertise to provide an efficient and seamless door to door moving service.

They will ensure a smooth transition to your new destination.

1) Plan everything early and prioritize

couple planning house moving

Proper and advance planning is crucial for a hassle-free house shifting.

The importance of pre-planning amplifies threefold, in case you are planning to manage the moving process without availing the services of qualified packers and movers.

Prepare a list of all your essentials and belongings at least seven weeks before you move. This will help to provide the initial kick start for your house shifting.

Make an inventory of all the items based on their cost, importance and fragility. This will help you to plan a step by step action plan for every week leading up to the move.

This will also provide you with a rough idea of deciding the size of truck needed for your move.

High priority needs to be extended towards documents, medical reports and other important paperwork.

Those crucial items, along with high priority and fragile goods need to be packed earlier.

You can get rid of the unessential item by donating to local charities or selling them online.

2) Gather the right packing material

packing material

Once you have assessed the number of items to be packed, you can buy the appropriate packing items with great quality.

Packing materials can be selected based on the heaviness and sensitivity of the goods to be packed.

This includes cardboard boxes, thermocol, sponge, bubble wraps, adhesive tape and markers.

For packing items of less importance, you can visit the local corner shop to gather a couple of boxes for free.

They don’t mind since they always have boxes of items coming in.

3) Pack everything perfectly

Now, this is one of the most important steps. Make sure that you have picked the right boxes for packing your items. Choose the type of boxes based on the sensitivity of the things to be packed.

The boxes should be robust and spacious enough to contain all the accessories appropriately and offer secure storage. Inefficient or careless packing can ruin your items during handling and transportation.

Once packing is done, seal both the top and bottom end with high quality and waterproof tape.

When it comes to fragile and brittle items, it is best to wrap them with up to three to four layers of bubble wrap and pack them in boxes only slightly larger that the item.

The heavier items should be placed in the bottom while the lighter and sensitive items occupy the top, to avoid damage during handling.

4) Don’t forget to label

labels on boxes

Once you are done with all your packing, it is a good idea to put appropriate labels to easily identify your goods during unpacking.

Number the boxes to make sure that none goes missing. Proper labelling will make your unpacking a whole lot easier.

Do make sure to label on each side for your ease, as there is no telling how the boxes will be stacked on unpacking.

5) Choose the right mode of transportation

movers with vehicles

With sudden rain showers and snow & ice on roads during winter, choosing the right mode of transportation to have safe transport of your goods can be a tricky situation.

Once you are done with your packing, you will have an idea of what mode of transportation to choose. You can always seek the help of your friends or relatives for handling the boxes.

However, it is always better to hire a removal company rather than DIY, as they have the right set of tools and accessories to handle even the most sensitive goods.

In addition, you can also avoid any inadvertent injuries by seeking professional help.

6) Make sure to keep the list of your stock handy while unloading

movers preparing list of items

Just imagine a scenario in which you are searching for a particular item in a huge pile of boxes!

To avoid such a situation, make sure that you keep a list of all your stocks handy.

In your personal inventory list, make a note of the items in every individual box to avoid any last-minute confusion.

7) Check for Landlord Safety certificate

check for landlord safety certificate

While renting or buying the property for your move also check that the landlord safety certificate for that property are valid or not. If they are not valid you can ask for re-inspection of the property from a registered certificate provider company like London Property certificates. The important safety certificates to look for are gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate and energy performance certificate.

We hope we have given you clear insights on planning your move, right from packing, transportation and unpacking stress-free.

However, we do recommend you to seek professional help from an expert London Moving Company. With highly advanced packing and transportation, they will ensure everything moves like clockwork while you sit back and relax.

Besides, they will have an experienced team, all the right handling equipment and an array of vehicles.

We suggest you talk to your insurance company and get a proper cover for your move.

Plan in advance, and look forward to your move with renewed energy!