Moving to London for Work: Tips to Make Your Daily Commute Easier

Moving to London for Work: Tips to Make Your Daily Commute Easier
Jun 07

The thought of commuting a long distance for work in London scares many people. However, when we cannot afford to stay smack in the middle of the city, we are left with no choice but to commute. It can be a really stressful experience that many of us are itching to avoid.

In fact, two-thirds of Londoners say that travelling in public transport is the most stressful part of living or working in London. There are a lot of downs when it comes to commuting the hard way but why should it be so difficult?

Ways to make your daily commute in London more comfortable.

Cycle Your Way

In London, you can find many cycles that you can rent at cheap rates like the Santander cycle. Instead of taking the bus for a few kilometers and travelling in the crowd, you can hop on a cycle and wheel through your way in London.
Most of the Londoners have white collar jobs where they just in their cubicles for most of the day. Instead of spending an extra hour at the gym, you can cycle every day and double it as exercising! It will be completely energizing and will even uplift your mood. This can be a great morning ritual to stay fit without stressing yourself out about the commute.

Get a Train Card to Reduce the Cost of Travel

If the cost of the commute is one of the reasons stressing you out, then you can get an oyster card or a contactless card. This will cost much less than what you spend on your travel and can save you much money too.

Initially, the point of buying cards may not seem like a big deal as it saves only a little money per day, but as you are commuting the same way for the most of the year, the amount of money you save will be a considerable amount.

Calculate the Costs and Act Smart

If you are living in one end of London and travelling all the way across every day, then it is important to factor out the costs and see how much you are spending just for the commute. When this kind of commute is what you see for yourself in the long-term, then calculate the money you will be spending on commuting for the next few years. Don’t factor in the stress and your grumpiness every day too!

Try to see if relocating to a pricey place with fewer hours of commute can be possible. It is crucial not only to consider the money you spend but the toll on your physical and mental health the long hours of commute takes. If you think you can afford to spend a few more bucks and live near to your office, then make the move!

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Share a Cab

This can seem the simple option but when you factor in the cost, it actually sounds a lot better. Think of all the work you can do when you travel in a cab straight from your home to the doors of your office!

If there are three or more people from your office living in the same location or on the way of the cab, you can pool in the same cab and split the bill. When you have to change two or more modes of transport during the commute, then this is the best way to save the stress and be on time too. This will save you from the hassles of running at the right time to catch the train or bus and will also give you time to prepare for the office peacefully.

You can schedule a cab ahead for the whole month from A1 Cars London and get the cab right on time on your doorstep! Try and travel by pooling in a cab for a few days and see how much of a difference it makes to your mind.