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Best Places To Visit In London

Best Places To Visit In London
Jul 12

London is undoubtedly the most famous place on the planet. It is rich in tradition and has historically been the home of the Royal Family. The guests can enjoy the futuristic ambiance of this city, and at the same time, get captivated by its old-world charm, which you can only experience when you visit London. 

The best tourist destinations in London range from its contemporary London Eye to the ancient Tower of London and, it is a must to visit on every London tourism trip. Even better, various London attractions are accessible to the public for free of cost. To discover them all, you solely need to use the London tourist destinations guide and pick the most elegant spot suitable for you. 

Best tourist attractions to visit in London

There are several tourist attractions, especially for children and teenagers, when you visit London with your family. Experience the Science Museum, London’s innovative capital of technology and science, or get up and personal with aquatic species at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. 

Visitors can also explore London museums or visit the queen’s residence, the iconic Buckingham Palace or take a picture alongside the famous Big Ben. Mentioned below are some of the prominent tourist destinations and the best places to visit in London. 

1. London Eye (the Ferris Wheel)

London eye

The London Eye is inarguably the most famous Ferris wheel in the world. It was constructed to symbolize London’s millennium ceremonies in 2000 and has been one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions ever since then. 

Hollow glass pods on the wheel ascend 443 feet above the Thames River, offering some of the city’s finest spectacular vistas. The entire ride takes approximately thirty minutes and there is usually a long queue of tourists. 

2. A tour of the Warner Bros studios- the makers of Harry potter

A tour of the Warner Bros studios- the makers of Harry potter

This tour will give the viewers some behind-the-scenes look into how the movie was produced and guide visitors around some of the most amazing and mystical-looking backdrops. This is a must-see for all Harry Potter enthusiasts. Tourists can easily board a walking tour from a guide or choose to explore the place on their own. 

Also, never forget to tour the entire studio including the sumptuous Great Hall to understand the overall shooting process. The ticket additionally includes free transportation to and from the central London studios, as well as a guided entrance.

3. Madame Tussauds lifelike wax statue studio

Madame Tussauds lifelike wax statue studio

Madame Tussauds London is a must-see attraction in London, featuring realistic wax figures and immersive elements that bring your favorite movie stars and actors to life. Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, and Her Majesty, The Queen — are some of the many celebrities present. Experience a red carpet stroll alongside your favorite celebrities or relive your favorite film sequences in a Star Wars-themed section.

4. Westminster Abbey: famous for royal marriages

Westminster Abbey: famous for royal marriages



Westminster Abbey is, without a doubt, probably one of the best places to visit in London landmarks. This is a must-see attraction for every tourist coming to London. This place has been connected with Catholicism since before the eighth century and experienced countless funerals and commemorations. However, the venue has gained a significant reputation as a favored venue for Royal Weddings.

5. Kew gardens

 Kew gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens, also known as Kew Gardens, are indeed a great place to enjoy a little of London’s limited sunshine. The gardens are situated in the southwest area of London on the banks of the River Thames. 

This spot offers a 300 acres place with ample sunlight to take a stroll with your loved ones. The gardens were created in the year 1759 and are now under the jurisdiction of the government and offer various kinds of tours, all free of cost. Apart from this, the gardens offer the hosting grounds for various musical and cultural events.

6. The national gallery: A place with a wide collection of paintings

The national gallery: A place with a wide collection of paintings

The National Gallery Museum, one of London’s finest famous attractions, includes an almost complete view of European paintings from 1260 to 1920. The museum’s extraordinary collection includes works by some of the world’s most famous artists, including Child by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, Monet’s The Waterlily Pond, and van Gogh’s Sunflowers, among many more.

7. Piccadilly circus and the Trafalgar square

Piccadilly circus and the Trafalgar square

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square are two of London’s top destinations, and they’re relatively close to one another. The 56-meter marble monument, Nelson’s Column, is parallel to the square’s waterfalls and was designed to honour Lord Horatio Nelson’s victory over the French. 

Piccadilly Circus is situated at the crossroads of numerous famous London streets, namely Piccadilly, Regent, Haymarket, and Shaftesbury Avenue, and it is here that London’s most famous statue, the winged Eros delicately balanced on one foot, stands.

8. Hyde Park: the biggest open space in London

Hyde Park: the biggest open space in London

Hyde Park is one of the most famous and oldest tourist attractions in London. The park is situated on a 350-acre open space and has been in operation since 1635. Serpentine, an artificial reservoir created in the 18th century, is renowned for boating and sunbathing. Speaker’s Corner and Apsley House are two other attractions that are also the former home of the first Duke of Wellington.

After looking at the list of such amazing tourist spots, it can be evident that if you are looking for a nice place to visit during the vacation with your family, London can be the ideal choice for you. With its historical monuments and various attractions, it can be an exhilarating experience. Also, to make your experience more memorable, you can contact A1 cars London to assist you with traveling to London at the most affordable costs.