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4 Ways To Get To Gatwick Airport From London

4 Ways To Get To Gatwick Airport From London
Nov 28

No matter if you are a traveller stopping at the Heathrow Airport and have to catch the next flight at the Gatwick Airport or a Londoner who is catching a flight from Gatwick Airport, you got to see your options about the way you will be travelling.

Travel Gatwick Airport From London

Depending on your preferences like affordability, comfortableness or faster travel, you need to choose the best mode of transportation to reach Gatwick Airport.

Here are some of the ways by which you can reach Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express runs from Victoria to the Gatwick Airport. This is a passenger train and runs for every 15 minutes. It is an affordable option for those living near Victoria who travels with light luggage and it will take just 30 minutes to reach Gatwick Airport. It might a little extra than the other travel options through the train, but it is, by far, the most comfortable option you can get.

Airport Buses

There are some airport buses between Central London and Gatwick Airport. But the travel time to travel between these two points might take a lot of time than you would take if you travel by train. Most people do not prefer to travel by train because you can never know when you will be hit by a massive delay due to the traffic congestions on the route. Also, there are high restrictions on the baggage you carry than the restrictions levied by the train services, therefore, it can be the last option to prefer only when you have exhausted the other options.

National Express

National Express runs between Victoria and the Gatwick Airport available all throughout the day. It stops at a lot of places en-route and the frequency are once every 30 minutes. This is much cheaper than taking a Gatwick Express but the travel time is considerably double when compared to the Gatwick Express and the main reason why it is not a popular option that many would prefer.

Cab Services

cab services

The final option you can go for when you have a lot of baggage, need to travel fast with comfort or are travelling with a group of people is a good cab service. If your preference is a comfort during travel, then you can also prefer chauffeur service for Heathrow transfer, Wimbledon transfer or Gatwick transfer options. If affordability is also a deciding factor, then you can pre-book minicab services through which you will be able to get a comfortable ride to the Gatwick Airport at a decent rate. You don’t need to worry about the number of baggage you carry or the delay in catching a flight.

A cab will be your own individual transport to reach the Gatwick Airport stress-free and comfortable.
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